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January 10, 2018: Back on track, Recording, and Gigs ....

Hey folks! Been a while since I've had the News page updated. Had some health issues to take care of, and did. Now I am back on track.

The band and I are headed back into the studio in February to lay down tracks for a new CD. So far, Tommy (drummer), Joel (bass player), and myself (guitar) have four new songs to record. I always look forward to laying down new music. It's fun, challenging and exciting every time. Not really sure when we will have 10 songs finished and ready for you to hear, but never the less, we are starting the recording process.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel some shows earlier this year due to my physical condition, but I have some new shows booked already. Please visit the Shows page for our upcoming schedule. The band and I really appreciate all of the support. Come on out to a gig and make sure to say hello!! I'll let you know how the recording session went after we track the new tunes.


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